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Our store building was developed from a 100-year-old house. This location allowed us to stay close to our our former employer's location. We have since expanded three times with the last expansion giving us a spacious showroom with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Quality Auto Parts
17 Main Street,
Truro, NS B2N 4G5

Tel: (902)893-4612
Toll Free:1-866-895-1128

Wide Selection of Automotive Parts & Supplies.If You Don't Have it. We Will Get It For You.

List Price:$333.00
Our Price:$200.00
You Save: $133 (24.95%)

List Price:$100.00
Our Price:$66.00
You Save: $34 (20.48%)

List Price:$500.00
Our Price:$400.00
You Save: $100 (11.11%)

List Price:$500.00
Our Price:$332.00
You Save: $168 (20.19%)

List Price:$450.00
Our Price:$322.00
You Save: $128 (16.58%)

List Price:$600.00
Our Price:$250.00
You Save: $350 (41.18%)